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NewsLink categorizes each online newspaper in the United States according to these criteria, as determined by regular reading of online and newsprint editions. Newspapers sharing equipment, personnel and content and serving a common area tend to be listed only once. Canadian newspapers are classified under similar guidelines but without the "limited," "promotional" and "inactive" categories. Major metro Leading full-service newspapers that serve the nation's 50 largest metropolitan areas, with populations in excess of 1 million, as determined by the latest U.S. Census Bureau metropolitan area population estimates. Daily Other general circulation, mass-market newspapers that publish a full range of regularly updated general news content online and in print at least four days a week. Business Traditional daily and non-daily newspapers that focus their coverage online or in print on business, finance and economic news. This specifically includes traditional business newspapers that attempt to report on a somewhat broader range of issues online. Non-daily General circulation, mass-market newspapers that publish a full range of general news content online and in print three or fewer days a week. This specificially includes rural, urban and suburban community newspapers except those serving communities defined by some factor other than geography. Special Newspapers that target specific religious, ethic or other interest areas online and in print and do not attempt to provide comprehensive coverage for the geographic mass audience as a whole. Alternative Newspapers that adopt an arts, counterculture or non-mainstream perspective, targeting relatively small segments of their local markets in print. This category also includes sites that provide news online but not in print. Limited Any of the above newspaper types that provide an unusually smaller range of coverage online that they do in print or that update their online site considerably less frequently than they issue their publications in print. This category specifically includes newspapers offering only wire service stories, local briefs, headlines with no text, a single story per issue or only a weekly summary of news published daily. Some "limited" papers are working to become full-service online sites. Others have retreated from more ambitious online plans. Promotional Any of the above newspaper types that post only advertising, reader contact information, background data and promotional material, but not news, on their online sites. Inactive Experimental or former sites that are not currently being updated or that appear to have been abandoned from some previous level of greater activity. Links to these sites may no longer work. However, some sites do return from inactivity. NewsLink appreciates update suggestions when such a site begins or resumes regular news updates. Campus Any of the above newspaper types, regardless of whether they are produced by professionals or students, if they originate on or provide primary service to a campus audience. Campus newspapers are listed by university or college with the city, if not in the college name, shown in parentheses. "Short" forms of college names, akin to those used in sports coverage, are shown.