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 PRIVACY: NewsLink pages employ Web browser "cookies" for internal purposes only. No information stored in a "cookie" or obtained in any way from any user of the site is ever divulged to any outside individual or entity without specific permission from the user, and then only in such situations as when a user may post an advertisement on JobLink for Journalists and specifically indicate that his or her name or address be included in the ad.
     "Cookies" are used only to facilitate user customizations such as the save-your-own-search provision on the JobLink Quick Search menu; to aid in resolving user problems that might necessitate contacting technical support personnel at our offices; and to approximate the aggregate number of individuals viewing advertisements or be useful in other research projects in which all data is aggregated and no individual's pattern of usage is every disclosed.
     Advertisements are never "steered" toward a particular user because of what a "cookie" might indicate. All advertisements appear randomly to all users under the same terms.
     NewsLink actively protects those who choose to include their addresses or other information on the site. Our servers attempt to block robotic "spiders" designed to gather e-mail addresses for unsolicited bulk mailings. Our JobLink service is specifically designed to prevent unauthorized copying of ads for inclusion, without the poster's consent, on other sites.
     While your visit may be logged, in no case will any personally identifying information be recorded or revealed except as stated above.

 LINKING: NewsLink has no relationship whatsoever with any site to which it provides a link. Sites are not allowed to purchase or trade favors in exchange for their inclusion or positioning on our list. NewsLink never exchanges links or imposes any condition upon how a site is featured.
     Other sites are free to include links to NewsLink provided they do not copy, mirror, catalog, display our materially simultaneously with their material, or otherwise re-publish our content in any way that might lead readers to presume a relationship between our site and theirs or directly access any of our site's programs without use of the page on our site designed to access that program.
     Our pages may not be included inside another site's frameset or in a secondary Web browser window spawned by the site linking to ours.
     Computerized indexing of NewsLink is allowed only by recognized search engines that obey "robots.txt" standards and return to our site as much traffic as their "spider" creates in indexing our site.
     "Spiders" may not access any page on our site more than once weekly, may not access more than one page every 10 seconds and may not attempt to locate pages by any means other than following links from our site's main page.
     Caching of our pages for any purposes, including private off-line browsing, is prohibited.

 UPDATING OUR LISTS: We work dilligently to keep our list of links as up-to-date as possible but cannot promise any particular timeframe in which a new listing or an update will be acted upon. NewsLink does not knowingly link to pornographic sites and acts as quickly as possible to remove previously valid links taken over by pornographers.